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Market Board: Live demonstration day - robot technology in the building industry

Dato og tid

Torsdag d. 20. januar 2022 kl. 08:30 til 15:30


Fredag d. 8. januar 2021 kl. 12:00


Robot at Work and Techtown Odense, Billedskærervej 15, 5230 Odense M Robot at Work and Techtown Odense
Billedskærervej 15
5230 Odense M

Market Board: Live demonstration day - robot technology in the building industry


Market Board: “Live Demonstration day – robot technology in the Building Industry” is a matchmaking and knowledge event designed for the Danish robotic community and the building industry. The event aims to discover best uses cases and challenges of new robotic solutions in the industry.

WE BUILD DENMARK and Odense Robotics are hosting the event “Market Board: Live demonstration day – robot technology in the building industry. 

The event is a chance for stakeholders within building and construction and the Danish robotic community to matchmake, learn about both industries, discover current and future uses of robotic solutions. 

Participants will also get to discuss how to solve some of the biggest challenges regarding workforce, new restrictions due to climate changes as well as how the building industry can gain added value by being robotised.  

What to expect 

  • Hands-on and case-based event (live demonstration of the newest robot technologies)
  • Learn about current and upcoming robotic technologies
  • Crack the code to the building industry and their challenges
  • Get new industry contacts and partners

Why should construction companies participate? 

Constructions companies will obtain concrete insights into current use cases of implementing robotic and tech solutions in construction, which today are already available.  

Get into dialog with robot-and tech companies in the forefront and be inspired. You will also play an important role in the development by giving the robot community insights into your business and the challenges you face. 

Why should robotic companies participate? 

Robotic companies will have the opportunity to demonstrate their technology and acquire insights on the challenges of the building and construction industry. 

The event also offers an oppurtunity to connect with stakeholders within the building industry and crack the code to understanding the value chain of a fragmented industry. 

About the event  

  • All robotic-/ tech companies and companies in the construction industry can become a part of the market board event
  • The event will gather a list of every company participating for matchmaking
  • The event will feature a small exhibition of robotic solutions – as well as a short description, which can be used when preparing for matchmaking.

Want to display a robotic solution – contact us 

If you want to display a robotic solution at our event – please contact: 

Mads Stubgaard-Schmidt, Project Manager, Odense Robotics +45 92 82 42 90 or mss@odenserobotics.dk


  • Price: free, registration necessary – limited spaces  
  • No show fee: DKK 500,- 

Time and place 

  • 20 January 2022, 8:30-15:30
  • Robot at Work and Techtown Odense
  • Billedskærervej 15, 5230 Odense 

More info 

For more info – please contact: 

Odense Robotics and WE BUILD DENMARK are supported by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science as well as the Danish Board of Business Development.



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Kontaktinformation til arrangør

Odense Robotics
Tlf: +45 92 82 42 90

Kontaktinformation til arrangør

Odense Robotics
Tlf: +45 92 82 42 90